Apollo A7002 Lamination Adheisve

Apollo (A7002) is a non-flammable single-component sprayable polyurethane-based laminating adhesive.
It combines high solids content with low viscosity, thus ensuring excellent coverage and fast production throughput.
Apollo (A7002) has been developed for applications in the panel manufacturing and laminating industries, where it is required to bond all types of plastic foam and other insulating materials to a wide variety of both flexible and rigid facing materials such as metals, plywood, GRP, etc. It is also suitable for semi-structural applications involving the bonding of metal and plastic sheet to plywood or timber composites.
It also cures rapidly at elevated temperatures; Apollo (A7002) will withstand temperatures in the range -30°C to above 150°C for extended periods.

Once the adhesive has been applied, the panel should be assembled and pressed within 20 minutes. The pressure should be even and sufficient to keep the components in intimate contact (normally 5-10 psi) and should be maintained for at least 60 minutes. (The figures quoted being for 20°C, 50% R.H.)

Base: Polyurethane

Viscosity S:pray Applied

Packaging: 20 lt and 205 lt drums



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