Medical Grade Adhesives

We offer a wide range of Medical grade adhesives adhesives from Panacol . All our medical grade adhesives are formulated to meet the meet the biocompatibility standards of USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993. Panacol develops and produces cutting-edge adhesives for medical applications within a wide range of chemistries.
  • UVA and visible light curable adhesives
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Epoxy adhesives for application requiring higher chemical or temperature resistance

Dispensing Equipment

We offer a wide range of dispensing products and services from Fisnar. Our dispensing products offer turn-key solutions for dispensing liquids and paste. We offer the following range of dispensing equipment.

• Dispense Controllers
• Dispense valves
• Desktop robots
• Hand dispensers
• Reservoirs
• Dispensing consumables

Curing Equipment

We offer a full range of light curing equipment from Dr. Hönle AG, one of the leading suppliers of industrial UV technologies worldwide.
Our strength lies in our ability to customise products solutions to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

• LED curing spot lamps systems
• Traditional bulb curing spot lamp systems
• Led flood lamp systems
• LED flood lamps systems
• Radiometer

Surface Treatment

We offer Corona and Plasma treatment systems from 3 DT LLC. A lot of the plastics used in the medical industry have a low surface energy which makes wetting out the surface and bonding to them very difficult. With the help of 3DT LLC’s cutting edge Corona and Plasma treating systems we can get over these difficulties and help get the best possible bond. The photo above shows a part with and without corona pre-treatment and shows how you can dramatically improve the wettability of some plastics.



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