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Irish Wood Furniture Manufacturing Network

The Wood Manufacturing Industry, incorporates enterprises such as Joinery, Timber-frame Housing, Fit-out, Shopfitting, Furniture & Wood Crafts, Kitchen Manufacturing, Architectural Joinery etc. This sector plays an important role in regional development, contributing an estimated €1 billion to the economy and supporting more than 10,000 regionally dispersed jobs.

The Irish Wood & Furniture Manufacturing Network has being established to help companies by providing a much needed platform and voice so as to express the latent potential within the sector for growth and development. Working with Government AgenciesEducation Bodies and Industry Representatives, the IWFMN have structures in place to create a live and purposeful tool for the further development of the Industry. The IWFMN’s operations are based upon four main pillarsEducation & TrainingCommercial DevelopmentDesign & Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence.

Both ECT Adhesives and the IWFMN focus on assisting companies in these industries to thrive through collaboration.

ECT Adhesive Solutions assist companies involved in the Wood and Furniture Manufacturing industry get the best results from their bonding processes by understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions from leading Global Supply Partners.

We are proud to be a member and sponsor of the association and are willing to do whatever we can to help assist fellow members get the best possible results from their manufacturing process. Please contact us at anytime to discuss your specific requirements, we would be delighted to assist.

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