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Honle - UV Meter / UV-LED Meter

The hand-held Hönle UV-Meter measures exact data that is traceable to the German standard PTB (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt). Different sensors cover wavelengths from 230 nm to 550 nm – UVC, UVB, UVA and VIS.

According to its wide range of interchangeable sensors UV-Meter is suitable for different manufacturing
processes. Its compact surface sensors are only 14 mm high. Also for point sources various sensors are available.

Practical handling

A clearly arranged displays shows all modes of operation
of this handy measuring unit, as well as the meassured data (in mW/cm2, W/cm2 or W/m2). An intuitive operational concept by keypad, including short-cut keys for the most important functions, guarantees highest possible user com- fort. Alternatively, measurements can be carried out by PLC control.The UV-Meter offers automatic sensor recognition.

The batteries can be charged via USB and – thanks to lithium-ion technology – have a very long service life.

Two-channel measuring for different wavelength ranges can be recorded at the same time.

Application ranges

  • for UV / UV-LED curing of inks and coatings
  • for UV / UV-LED curing of adhesives and potting
  • for surface sterilisation via UVC radiation
    Documented measurement data
    With the measured data storage it is possible to record a
  1. test series of intensity and dose. In addition, the minimum
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