Elecolit® 323

The Power to Imagine series – A Medical Grade Adhesive Which Is Electrically And Thermally Conductive!

Panacol has launched Elecolit® 323, a new biocompatible conductive adhesive.

Elecolit® 323 is non-cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5 and is thus suitable for applications in medical devices.

The 2-component adhesive is the perfect solution to bond EP catheters and any medical device needing an electrically or thermally conductive adhesive.

Other electrically and thermally conductive adhesive variants as one- and two-component solutions are also available on request.

An electrically and thermally conductive medical grade adhesive.

Key Features:

ISO 10993-5 approved.
Can cure at room temperature.
Easy to dispense.
Suitable for screen printing.
High thermal conductivity.
High electrical conductivity.
Passed the autoclave test (1000h).

Base: Epoxy

Curing: Two-part chemical cure

Viscosity: Paste

Volume resistivity: 2,E-04 Ohm*cm

Thermal conductivity: 4.00 W/mK

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