Dispensing Cyanoacrylate adhesives 

Cyanoacrylate adhesives present some challenges when you want to dispense them successfully.

To get the very best results from your process it is important to understand that these adhesives cure when exposed to moisture this presents so challenges when dispensing them.

  • You need to prevent any moisture getting to the uncured adhesive or this will cause it to cure prematurely.
  • You need to ensure you dispense the optimum amount of adhesive every time, too much adhesive can cause blooming or uncured adhesive.
We offer a full range of dispensing solutions from Fisnar to help you get the best results from your cyanoacrylate adhesive.


We are more than happy to call to you and demonstrate these product and show how we can make your products better and your workplace more efficient.Just reply to this email and we can discuss how ECT adhesives can help you.

ECT Adhesives – The Power to Imagine a better manufacturing future.

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