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Adhesives for battery pack systems

Panacol has developed specially formulated UV adhesives that protect welded joints on cell contacting systems and battery packs of electric cars. These flexible adhesives enable vibration resistant connections and have a very low ionic content.

High-performance Cell Contacting Systems (CCS), which combine individual lithium-ion battery cells for hybrid and electric vehicles to create battery packs, are often connected by welded strands or wires. Panacol’s unique protective systems are applied as a coating to prevent the joints from thermal expansion, corrosion and vibration.

UV-curing adhesives Vitralit® UV 2113 and Vitralit® UV 2114 are characterised by very high adhesion to many materials and meet the requirements of the automotive industry in terms of media and temperature resistance.  Fluorescent adhesive variations for optical process control are also available.


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