Tuskbond One contact adhesive aerosol image - ECT Adhesives

Tuskbond One

Aerosol Based Contact Adhesive

Jowat 609.30

PUR for flat lamination with IMO approval

Jowat 103.30

High viscosity Veneering PVAC with IMO approval

Apollo A 3703

Polychloroprene adhesive for bonding and repairing Hypalon

Tuskbond G500 – High Solids Contact Adhesive

High solids sprayable contact adhesive suited for bonding curved surfaces

Tuskbond One

Canister Based Contact Adhesive with IMO approval

Tuskbond NC 501

Dichloromethane free contact adhesive with IMO approval

Apollo A 3701 A/B

Polyurethane adhesive for bonding and safely repair PVC inflatable products.

Siroflex polyflex

Polyurethane adhesive sealant.

Apollo A3727

Sprayable, high heat resistant contact adhesive.