Panacol Vitralit UD 1405

Vitralit UD 1405 is a UV / VIS and thermally curable epoxy resin that has very good wetting properties
due to its low viscosity.

Thicker layers can be quickly thermally hardened after UV curing.

Vitralit UD 1405 is temperature-resistant, has a high glass transition temperature and is electrically insulating.

It is particularly suitable for fiber-reinforced windings of electrical composite components.

Key Features

Single part

Cures in seconds UV / VIS with secondary thermally curable

Low viscosity


High glass transition temperature

Electrically insulating.

Base Epoxy

Curing UV / VIS with secondary thermally curable

Viscosity 250 – 450  mPas

Thermal conductivity 0.8W/mK


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