Jowat Toptherm 256.65

Jowat 256.65 is an Polyeolefin hot melt adhesive used for closing of cartons, trays and folding boxes.  It is perfectly suited to processing on fully and semi-automatic units with horizontal and vertical nozzle application systems. It features a Low viscosity and offers good resistance to oxidation and colour stability in the melt.

Jowat 256.65 has very high-temperature resistance and it is ideal for applications where the finished packaging is exposed to higher than normal temperatures.

Key features:

Polyolefin packaging adhesive.

Very high temperature resistance

Very good adhesive cut off.

Suitable for food contact applications.

For processing with classic tank applicators or tankless systems.

Base: Polyeolefin Hotmelt Adhesive

Softening Point: + 115 C

Open time at 160 C:  10 seconds

Setting time at 160 C:  10 seconds

Packaging:  25 kg bags