Edgebanding Adhesives

For decades, edgebanding of wood-based panels with a variety of edgebands has been an established practice in the furniture industry. In modern, high-quality furniture manufacture, the quality of the edgebanding is increasingly becoming a key criterion for evaluating the quality of the entire furniture item.

The end customer demands a glueline that is hardly visible and perfect. ECT Adhesives are the authorised Irish distributor for Jowat Adhesives, a global manufacturer and supplier of hot melt adhesives of the latest generation in a variety of package sizes and forms. Jowat hot melts provide the ideal process solution for every edgebanding application, having approvals from all key equipment manufacturers for their EVA, PO and PUR Edgebanding Adhesives.

We are also the Irish Distributor for the full RIEPE Release agent, Antistatic Coolant and Cleaning agents which are specially developed for the RIEPE® spraying systems by RIEPE® themselves. Working very closely with leading machine, edgbanding and adhesive manufacturers RIEPE® ensure their products always meet the latest demands.
Glue residue squeezed out after the application of plastic or veneer edging material spoils the appearance of edgebanded products. This glue residue quickly adheres to the workpiece and its removal requires time-consuming manual work. The attachment of RIEPE release and cleaning agent spraying units guarantees an edge which is absolutely free of glue.