UF/Thermosetting Adhesives

AkzoNobel Adhesives offers a wide selection of UF adhesives to be combined with mix-in or separate hardeners, depending on your production process. Systems are available for both hot and cold pressing conditions, and suitable for many different applications such as flooring, light-weight panels, curved plywood, doors, foil lamination and solid wood lamination.

With the Lignu product line (A201/H201) Akzo meet future demands on ultra-low formaldehyde emission.

Akzo A201 Zero Formaldehyde Veneering Adhesive - LignuPro™ Zero from AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel A201/H201 Free Formaldehyde Adhesive System

Zero formaldehyde adhesive system with a long open life and…

AkzoNobel 1205/2545

1205 Resin with 2545 hardener gives long open time

AkzoNobel 1205/2584

1205 Resin with 2584 hardener gives medium open time

AkzoNobel 1205/2580

1205 Resin with 2580 hardener gives short open time