PVA Based Adhesives

As a one component adhesive, PVA D3 Adhesive is easiest to use, offering a reasonably short cold pressing time. Press time can be shortened further by the application of heat. PVA can be cleaned off when wet with a damp cloth and dries transparent. It is a good choice of veneering glue for small to medium sized flat panels and lipping. ECT Adhesives offer a number of options including the Jowat 124.79 with "Reduced Bleed Through"

Jowat 124.79

High viscosity Veneering PVAC designed to reduce bleed through

Jowat 103.30

High viscosity Veneering PVAC with IMO approval

Jowat 103.10 D3 PVA adhesive image - ECT adhesives

Jowat 103.10

D3 PVA adhesive