Contact Adhesive Products

Spray applied works well for applications such as gluing veneer onto MDF, Aluminium sheets etc, in the manufacture of decorative laminates. The method of supply of the Contact Adhesive can be either in a liquid form, where the operator will be required to use a pneumatic compressor and spray gun or in a pressurized canister which can be either used in-house or on site.

Pressurised canisters of either Web or Pebble Spray adhesive require minimum investment for initial set up and offer the advantage of portability and site use.

Apollo Joinery A3727 contact adhesive image - ECT Adhesives

Apollo A3727

Sprayable, high heat resistant contact adhesive.

Apollo A0026

Brushable contact adhesive.

Tuskbond one contact adhesive canister image - ECT Adhesives

Tuskbond One

Canister Based Contact Adhesive with IMO approval

Tuskbond G500 Premium High Solids Contact Adhesive canister image - ECT Adhesive

Tuskbond G500 – High Solids Contact Adhesive

High solids sprayable contact adhesive suited for bonding curved surfaces

Tuskbond HGL 100 – High Gloss Laminate Pebble Spray

Canister Based Contact Adhesive for high gloss laminates

Tuskbond XPRO Contact Adhesive - latest solvent technology for minimal toxicity, meaning low hazard to human health

Tuskbond XPRO – Canister Low Hazard Contact Adhesive

Contact adhesive with latest solvent technology for minimal toxicity.

Tuskbond XPRO Adhesive 500ml Aerosol ECT Adhesives

Tuskbond XPRO – 500ml Aerosol Low Hazard Contact Adhesive

Tuskbond XPRO - 500ml Aerosol Contact adhesive with latest solvent…

Tuskbond One contact adhesive aerosol image - ECT Adhesives

Tuskbond One

Aerosol Based Contact Adhesive