3D Lamination Adhesives

PUD - (Polyurethane Dispersion) is a water-based adhesive system that is catalyzed for best performance and spray applied. The PUD is sprayed on the base/core substrate, left to dry, and a short time later reactivated with heat.
PUDs are used in either vacuum or membrane pressing. Vacuum pressing is done by heating the overlay and then creating bottom vacuum pressure to form the laminate material over the part. The heat and vacuum pressure create intimate contact between the part and laminate material that then activates the adhesive. Once the process is complete the part is trimmed and ready to process further.
ECT work in conjunction with Jowat to supply a number of products in this sector.

Jowat 150.90/91 PU Dispersion

All-rounder PU dispersion Laminating adhesive

Jowat 150.93 PU Dispersion

PU dispersion Laminating adhesive for smooth surfaces