RIEPE Finish Quality solutions

Short Video to show how RIEPE finish quality solutions products work on your Edgenbander.

Riepe Chain Plate Cleaner LP 407 ECT Adhesives

When edging boards, contaminated chain plates lessen the grip on the workpiece and as a result the applied pressure of the top pressure belt has to be increased. In addition, contaminated chain plates can result in markings on the workpieces. Riepe® have developed Cleaning Agent LP407/13 for chain plates, top pressure belts and rubberised roller conveyors which will greatly assist in cleaning without attacking any of the materials. Unsuitable cleaners can cause damage to the surface of the plates. In addition, a change in the shore hardness can occur.

ECT Woodworking solutions

ECT Adhesives, in conjunction with our global manufacturing partners, offer a complete range of Adhesives and Sealant Chemistries, supporting manufacturing experts in all aspects of furniture production, woodworking and joinery. We focus on providing cost-effective solutions through quality off-the-shelf and bespoke products while offering the best in service, delivery and support. Our extensive range of high quality wood adhesives can assist you in following applications: - Edgebanding - Post-forming - Dowelling - Veneering & Lamination - 3D Lamination - Profile Wrapping - Workshop & General On-site requirements

Tuskbond HGL100 for High Gloss Laminate

uskbond HGL100 is the choice when bonding high gloss decorative laminates, specifically designed to give a perfect pebble spray pattern. This is critical when bonding high gloss laminates to a variety of substrates including Plywood, Chipboard and MDF. Tuskbond HGL100 provides instant grab and excellent high heat resistance, whilst achieving excellent bond strength.

Jowat LIGNA 2019

Jowat at Ligna 2019 speaking about company, development and PUR and MR (Monomer Reduced) Hotmelts for Edgebanding

Setting Up a Tuskbond Canister

Setting up a Tuskbond adhesive canister is easy, just follow these simple steps.