Why Panacol Are The Leaders In Medical Device Adhesives.

Panacol develops and produces cutting-edge adhesives for medical applications within a wide range of chemistries. This includes UVA and visible light curable adhesives, coating materials, potting compounds, instant-cure adhesives, and 2-part epoxies.

All products are formulated to meet the biocompatibility standards of USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 standards.

Typical Applications:

Joining stainless steel cannulae to transparentor translucent hubs and syringes

  Joining stainless steel cannulae to transparent or translucent hubs and syringes

  Bonding/sealing of transparent polycarbonate or acrylic housing parts in blood oxygenators
  Bonding/sealing stainless steel cannulae in to flexible PVC infusion lines
  Bonding soft PVC to rigid PVC in anaesthesia masks
  Bonding of sub assemblies in blood pressure transducers, stopcocks, fittings, adapters and arterial filters
  Coating of PCBs in hearing aids