Thread Lockers, Retainers, and Pipe Sealants

ECT Adhesives offer a wide range of Thread Lockers, Thread Sealers, Retainers and Pipe Sealants from Bondchem to help ensure our customers can maintain the best seals on their pipes and fittings.

We primarily promote their white label range of product which are produced from the latest non-hazardous technology incorporating a bespoke group of high purity raw materials. This unique future proof technology ensures that the product label requires no hazard symbols or risk and safety phrases and enables the product to comply with even the most stringent health and safety requirements while not compromising on the final bond strength.


Bondchem WR 18 High Strength Medium Viscosity Retaining Compound

High strength medium viscosity retaining compound.


Bondchem WS 27 Medium strength WRAS + BSEN751 approved pipe-sealant

Medium strength WRAS + BSEN751 approvedpipe-sealant


Bondchem WT 02 Low strength Thread Locker

Bondchem WT02 is ideally suited to metal fastener applications, where…


Bondchem WT 05 High Strength Anaerobic Thread Locker

Bondchem WT05 is a high strength anaerobic threadlocker, designed to…


Bondchem WT 03 Oil Tolerant Medium Strength Threadlocker

Bondchem WT03 is an oil tolerant medium strength threadlocker, that…

Bondchem AT 03

Bondchem AT03 is an oil tolerant medium strength threadlocker, that…