3DT Corona & Plasma Systems

Watch a brief overview of 3DT's standard and custom corona and plasma surface treatment systems. Learn more about our company and its technology.

Fisnar video dispensing ACC AS170

Video showing ACC Silicones product AS 1701 being dispensed into an ABS housing using a IJF 4400N Robot and controlled.

Araldite 2050 and 2051

Araldite 2050 and 2051 speed up bonding operations under any conditions of cold temperatures, saltwater and humidity.

Form In Place Gasket material dispensed by a Fisnar Robot

Video showing ACC Silicones product AS 1701 being dispensed into an ABS housing using a IJF 4400N Robot and controlled.

The 3DT Corona System In Action

This video shows our National Sales Manager performing a trial at a customer site.  He is Corona treating Nylon 12 plastic which is a substrate that is difficult to bond to with Silicone using our 3DT Corona system. This changes the surface energy of the plastic and improves bond strength.

Panacol Dispense

This video shows a Panacol adhesives being dispensed and cured by Honle LED curing systems on a high speed needle bonding line.


Siroflex SX Mighty Strength Grip and Grab Adhesive

Siroflex SX Mighty Strength Grip and Grab Adhesive out performs standard grab adhesives by 200%!! You will be astonished by its instant grab qualities on the heaviest of objects'

Using a twinpack

Twinpacks are a convenient way to use Robnor resin systems. Pre-weighed resin systems ready to use when you are. Just unclip the twinpack, mix and pour. It couldn't be easier. Saves you time and money.

AIM: 688 One-Step Underfill

AIM's underfill solution for complex assemblies.

Dispensing ECT sealant fix on to housing

CHT Silicone being dispensed into a chanel by a Fisnar benchtop robot.

An Introduction to Ellsworth Adhesives

Ellsworth Adhesives is the world's largest distributor of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and specialty chemicals from leading vendors including Dow, 3M, Loctite, Henkel LOCTITE®, LORD, Fisnar, and many more.

Nano 470

Nano470 is designed for bonding glass to glass, glass to metal. J & S Adhesives from ECT - Electronic Circuit Technologies Ltd, Dublin ireland. Adhesive & Dispensing Solutions.


Apollo FleeceBond (A1270) MCPU Canister Adhesive Demo

FleeceBond (A1270) Moisture-Curing Polyurethane (MCPU) Canister Adhesive allows your contractor to securely and professionally adhere fleece-backed membrane to a wide range of roofing substrates, including tissue and foil-faced insulation board. It meets your contractor’s demand for a high-performance MCPU adhesive, with a quick and simple application system.


Installation of a Window into a Brick & Block Cavity Wall.

This video, shot at our purpose built training facility, demonstrates every stage of the installation process using the i3 system. This installation is into a brick and block cavity wall, the most common construction type in the United Kingdom.



Installation of a Window into a Check Reveal

This video focuses on installing the i3 system into a ‘check reveal’. The demonstration shows how the i3 system is suitable for all window details.


Window Installation into Timber Frame Opening

This video illustrates the most popular solution for overcoming the problems associated with the perimeter sealing of windows installed into timber frame construction due to the differential settlement which occurs on builds of several storeys.

tremco illbruck: i3 System - Window Installation

This video from illbruck shows the i3 system being installed to give the ultimate sealing of a window to keep out the weather and keep in the warmth and energy cost savings. Proven in both commercial and domestic applications, the i3 system carries a ten year i3 performance guarantee.


Projecting Window Perimeter Sealing

Lightweight steel framing systems (SFS) are very commonly used in modern construction and this video demonstrates how windows are typically sealed to the steel backing wall to provide weather and airtightness in conjunction with the overall building envelope. The correct application of illbruck BBA accredited ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD and SP925 Adhesive is demonstrated. The ME501 is increasingly favoured as a more technical alternative to conventional EPDM membranes.

Apollo Corporate Video

Apollo is the UK’s largest privately-owned liquid adhesive, sealant, coating & primer manufacturer. We supply high-performance products worldwide across a range of industrial, construction, roofing and end-user markets. Supply is direct and via distributors, under Apollo and private-label brands.


Setting Up a Tuskbond Canister

Setting up a Tuskbond adhesive canister is easy, just follow these simple steps.



CHT Group Silicone Elastomers for Advanced Solutions

Introduction of CHT Group‘s Material Solutions offering specialty silicones and services for wide-ranging industries and markets like electronics and E-Mobility, Transportation, Aerospace, Mould making, LED and Lightning, Construction and Medical. CHT‘s suplies first-class silicones for adhesive bonding, rapid prototyping and 3D printing, light management, liquid injection moulding, fabric coatings and many more.


Jowat at Ligna 2019

Jowat at Ligna 2019 speaking about company, development and PUR and MR (Monomer Reduced) Hotmelts for Edgebanding