Thread Lockers And Structural Adhesives

ECT Adhesives supply a complete range of Threadlockers and Structural Bonding Adhesives.
Thread-locking fluid may be applied before or after assembly, depending on the type. They are typically available in a number of different strengths depending on the applicaiton:
The Low-Strength types such as Bondchem WT-02 prevent loosening under vibration, but may still be readily disassembled;
The Medium-Strength types such as Bondchem WT-03 resist higher amounts of vibration, but may still be disassembled with hand or power tools;
The High-Strength types such as Bondchem WT-05 are more permanent and not removable by use of power tools but become potentially removable by heating the assembly, typically to 230 °C.

These products are available in 50ml and 250ml bottles.

Our Structural Bonding range features a number of products from Bondchem and also Huntsman

Bondchem C44 Cyanoacrylate adhesive GEL Image - ECT Adhesives

Bondchem C44

High Viscosity Cyanoacrylate adhesive