Silicones And Ms Polymers

Silicone and MS Polymer sealants are used in expansion, construction, connection and movement joints to ensure important structural materials stay in place. These sealants also add flexibility to building structures, allowing materials to absorb stress and movement caused by wind or other forces. Silicone and MS Polymer sealants in buildings can also make buildings more energy efficient by preventing humidity and hot or cold air from coming inside through joints and cracks.

ECT Adhesives carry a wide range of such Silicone and MS Polymer based products and we have outlined just a small sample of these on our website - please contact us to discuss any specific requirements that you may have and we will be delighted to assist with your project.

Siroflex Clearbond

Clear MS Polymer adhesive sealant

Siroflex seal and fix

MS Polymer adhesive sealant approved for use in food contact…

Siroflex Grip and Grab

Instant grab adhesive based on hybrid technology.

Siroflex Premium LMN Building Silicone

Premium building silicone

Siroflex General Purpose Silicone

General Purpose Acetoxy silicone

Siroflex Contractors LMN Silicone

Contractors LMN silicone

Siroflex Premium Sanitary Silicone

Premium Sanitary Acetoxy Silicone - Anti Fungal

CHT AS 1502 silicone adhesive image - ECT adhesives

CHT AS 1502

FDA approved silver grey silicone


illbruck SP045 Hybrid Polymer Grab Adhesive

Hybrid polymer grab adhesive environmentally friendly in 400 ml foil…


illbruck FA600 LMN Silicone

LMN silicone with Fungicide


illbruck GS123 Sanitary Silicone

Premium sanitary silicone