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The Power to Imagine series – The world's most advanced hot melt dispensing system Graco InvisiPac!

The Graco InvisiPac System is the newest and most comprehensive upgrade of hot melt technology for packaging in a generation.

When designing the Invisipac system Graco set out to fix all of the problems that people have with  existing hot melt systems.

  • Eliminate the dangers of working with hot melt tanks full of very hot adhesives.
  • Reduce adhesive usage.
  • Reduce maintenance downtime.
  • Reduce heating up time.
  • Reduce running costs.


Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt Tank

The Hot Melt Tank

InvisiPac is a tankless system, instead of a big, bulky tank, InvisiPac uses a vacuum to pull bulk hot melt pellets into a compact melting chamber in the center of the system, which holds less than a litre of glue – meaning that your adhesive gets up to temp in about 10 minutes. The system dispenses the glue through a heated hose and a state-of-the-art gun.  This environment is much more friendly to the glue, since there is a lot less exposure to harsh temperatures and the system only uses as much heat as is necessary to get the application flowing.



Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt Tank


The Vacuum System

The InvisiPac’s vacuum system reloads automatically – and is tucked away where a worker isn’t at risk of accidentally burning themselves when topping up the hot melt tank, thus they are protected from hot molten adhesive, tanks and hoses.

This system ensures you get a continuous supply of hot melt, so there is no longer any need to worry about starving the tank or losing adhesive. The vacuum system also eliminates thermal shocking which happens when the tank gets too low causing you to make a miscalculation, and end up adding too much adhesive to it. The overall temperature drops, your flow slows dramatically and in some cases, you have to stop operations altogether just to get the glue back up to temp.





Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt Gun

The Gun

For the InvisiPac system Graco have  re-engineered the gun, tips, manifolds, modules and everything else that goes into dispensing glue on that end of the system. This new gun is the result of years of research and has a (patent-pending) free-flow channel for adhesive that drastically reduces dead spots and the resulting char buildup. They have  also added filters that run into the manifold to catch char as it builds. The result of all this innovation is an extremely robust glue gun which dramatically reduces maintenance downtime and allows you to make a minimum of 30 % reduction in your adhesive usage.


Graco InvisiPac LineSite Interface

The Interface

Graco InvisiPac has the most intuitive, simple-to-learn-and-use interface on the market. It has a single screen to view temperatures in all of your heat zones, incorporating icon-based graphics, implementing features that track adhesive consumption, and making data about operations, errors and events easily transferable and downloadable.

We are more than happy to call to you and demonstrate this product and show how we can make your products better and your workplace more efficient.

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