The Power to Imagine series – Electronics grade epoxies that cure at 60°C for heat sensitive components!

Illbruck have developed SP045 Multi Purpose Grab Adhesive

This innovative product offers a multi purpose Grab adhesive in environmentally friendly 400ml foil sausages.

It eliminates the need for switching between many different products as it offers primerless bonding and sealing of many common construction materials.

  • Combining Strength and Flexibility


Elastic properties with adhesive and cohesive strength that help eliminate the risk of bond failure when subject to stresses caused by mild flex or vibration.

  • Easy and Controlled Application


Viscosity allows for use in wide range of guns, prevents excess adhesive seep from the nozzle during application resulting in a neatly applied bead with less adhesive waste.

  • Environmentally Friendly Foil Packaging


It is packaged in foil sausages which help to dramatically reduce packaging waste and are more cost effective.


  • Interior wall panels and coverings
  • Skirting board
  • Decorative edging
  • Picture rails
  • Door and floor trim
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Lightweight coving
  • Auto Conversion
  • Cabin Fit out





 illbruck SP 045 adhesive sealant image - ECT Adhesives

Ect adhesives and sealants for internal fit out

We are more than happy to call to you and demonstrate this product and show how we can make your products better and your workplace more efficient.

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