Plastic & Metal Bonding Sign & Display Making

Plastic & Metal Bonding

When manufacturing letters for signs a range of adhesives are required to bond the various plastic and metal components together, we offer a wide range of adhesives ideal for all your requirements.

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  • Araldite 2011 Structural epoxy adhesive image

    Araldite 2011

    Araldite 2011 is a multipurpose epoxy with long open time ...
  • Araldite 2012 Structural epoxy adhesiveive image

    Araldite 2012

    Araldite 2012 is multipurpose very fast curing Epoxy Resin ...
  • Araldite 2014-2 image - ECT Adhesives

    Araldite 2014-2

    Araldite 2014-2 is an Epoxy with excellent environmental and chemical resistance. ...
  • Araldite 2021-1 MMA adhesive image

    Araldite 2021-1

    Three minute very fast curing Structural MMA Adhesive....

Clear Encapsulants To Protect LEDs ( sign making)

When you need to use LED’s in external signs it can sometimes be necessary to encapsulate them to protect them from the environment. We offer a range of optically clear and opalescent products to help you protect these LED’s and ensure a long operating life for you product.


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Clear Adhesives

Sometimes it is critical to have an optically clear adhesive when manufacturing letters especially when you are backlighting these letters with LED’s we offer a range of adhesives which will help you achieve the best results every time.

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  • Panacol Vitralit 7311 medical grade light curing adhesive image - ECT Adhesives

    Vitralit 7311

    Excellent adhesion to many plastics. Available in various viscosities....
  • Araldite 2028-1

    Clear UV stable Polyurethane Adhesive...
  • Bondchem 455 methacrylate adhesive image

    Bondchem M455

    Bondchem M455 is a two component transparent methacrylate adhesive...
  • Bondchem UV 10 light curing plastic adhesive image

    Bondchem UV 10

    Optically clear low viscosity adhesives which cures in seconds when exposed to high-intensity UV and or Visible ligh...

Sign Installation Adhesives

When you have manufactured your signs the next step is to install them. The adhesives required can vary with different locations and signs we offer a range of adhesives which will help you achieve the best results every time.


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