Panacol Vitralit 8052 F Dual cure flexible potting compound image - ECt Adhesives

Vitralit UD 8052 F

Light curing flexible potting compound with secondary moisture cure.

CHT EGEL 3000 flexible silicone encapsulant image - ect adhsives.JPG


Low viscosity extremely soft and re-enterable silicone encapsulant

CHT AS1821 moisture curing silicone encapsulant image - ECt Adhesives

CHT AS 1821

Single part moisture curing silicone encapsulant.

Robnor Resins EL 199 HP

A low viscosity extremely flexible two-part Polyurethane potting compound.

Robnor Resins EL 171 C

Medium viscosity two-part flexible polyurethane potting compound

Robnor Resins EL 116F

Low viscosity flexible two-part polyurethane potting compound