Vitralit 7030 medical grade adhesive for low surface energy plastics image - ECT Adhesives

Vitralit® UV 7030

For bonding flexible plastics with low surface energy.

Panacol Vitralit 6685 light curing doming adhesive - ECT Adhesives

Vitralit® UC 6685

Light curing Epoxy dome coating adhesive

Bondchem UV6 light curing doming resin image

Bondchem UV 6

Light curing doming resin.

J&S Adhesives Nano-470-IC80-Glasss-to-Glass-Adhesive-image - ECT Adhesives

Nano 470 – IC80

Light curing adhesive for glass and metal bonding.

Bondchem UV 10

Optically clear low viscosity adhesives which cures in seconds when…

Bondchem M455

Bondchem M455 is a two component transparent methacrylate adhesive

Araldite 2028-1

Clear UV stable Polyurethane Adhesive

Panacol Vitralit 7311 medical grade light curing adhesive image - ECT Adhesives

Vitralit 7311

Excellent adhesion to many plastics. Available in various viscosities.