Tuskbond Foaming Insulation Adhesive

Tuskbond Foaming Insulation Adhesive is a one part, self-contained, sprayable, foaming polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for bonding a wide range on insulation materials including XPS, EPS, PUR, PIR, foil faced, tissue faced and mineral wool to a variety of different substrates such as OSB, Plywood, and concrete. Tuskbond Foaming Insulation Adhesive is designed to quickly and precisely deliver a bead of polyurethane foam, drastically reducing the time taken to install insulation. This typically halving the cure time taken from traditional poured single component polyurethane products. Using a Tuskbond extension gun and braided hose allows the Foaming Insulation Adhesive to be applied without requiring operatives to continually bend down during installation

Key Features:

Fast, Easy And Precise Application

Low Cure Time

Adhesive Foams To Aid With Bonding Uneven Surfaces

Reduce Waste

Base: Polyurethane

Packaging: 14 Lt and 22 Lt canister




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