Tremco SF 520

A high strength, flexible, single component advanced polymer adhesive for surface bonding most wood flooring including: wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, engineered, laminated and solid wood plank/strip flooring.

Use over most common substrates such as sand/cement screeds, concrete, calcium sulphate screeds, stone, metal, timber and epoxy membranes.

Compatible with most underfloor heating systems.

Not suitable for wood flooring with bitumen based backings.

Please refer to Technical Data Sheet for guidelines regarding suitability of sub-floors and installation information.

Key Features:

Excellent resistance to plasticiser migration;

Better heat resistance than normal contact adhesives;

Highly resistant to surface water and can be used outdoors;

The bonded floor can be subjected to foot traffic immediately after being placed in position, unlike most other water-resistant adhesives;

Ideal bonding agent for some exposed public areas (staircases, entrance halls and public walkways);

Base: Modified polymer

Viscosity: Trowel applied

Packaging: 17 Kg plastic bucket



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