SR-Tek Syringe Mixer

Compact agitated pressure Syringe Mixer for all types of syringe fluids and applications.
The Syringe Mixer is specifically designed to stir, agitate or mix a broad variety of fluids, including
particles filled fluids in 10, 30 and 55cc syringes.
Designed to work in both busy factories and research labs, the syringe mixer is easy to operate and
All syringe mixers non-wetted parts are made from hard anodized aluminum.
The mixing elements are made from a choice of stainless steel or non-metallic materials.
This ensures compatibility between mixing elements and fluid contents and prevents from contamination by corrosion.

Key Features

Compact syring mixer for a broad variety of fluids

Suitable for particle filled fluids

Suitable for 10, 20 and 55 cc syringes

Mixing element design and materials can be tailored made to suit the application.

Syringe mixer



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