Structalit 5801

A black, 2-component epoxy adhesive system with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio.  This medium-viscosity adhesive blend has excellent adhesion to metals including aluminum and stainless steel.  It is well suited for the structural bonding of metal frames and housings, it also exhibits very good adhesion to plastics, such as PA6 GF or PBT.  This multi-substrate adhesion allows Structalit® 5801  to be used for many material combinations typically found in the consumer and automotive electronics industries.

Key Features:

Bonding, coating and potting of metals, glass and plastics

Good oil, chemical and moisture resistance

Low shrinkage

Low water absorption

Good adhesion to metal, glass and plastics

Base: Epoxy

Curing: Two-component chemical cure adhesive

Viscosity:  12,000 – 15,000 mPas



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