Robnor Resins SC 123 CF

Flexible and transparent modified silicone conformal coating

Key Features

Fast room temperature drying

Contains UV trace and antifungal agents

UL approved

Approvable to UK defense standards DEF STAN 59/47 Issue 4

Excellent adhesion under all climatic conditions including high altitude/decompression to BS.3G100, MIL-STD-810C,

RTCA D0160A, ARINC 600

Resistant to most solvents, lubricants and cooling fluids

Excellent resistance to mold growth, ultraviolet light, prolonged exposure to tropical life and salt spray.

Wide temperature range –70°C to 200°C

Good dielectric properties at all frequencies to DEF-STAN 59-4/2 Annex C

Fluorescent under ultraviolet light as an aid to subsequent inspection

Can be soldered through without fear of toxic gases being produced, e.g. isocyanate

Non-corrosive to Cadmium and Zinc plate (contains no Phenol)

Base Silicone

Curing Condensation Curing

Viscosity  165-215 mPas

Fluorescence Fluoresces blue

Certification  Ul and DEF STAN 59/47 Issue 4


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