Robnor Resins PX 774D

PX774D-1 is a high performance, rubber modified epoxy resin designed for the bonding of dissimilar substrates. The flow of the material has been modified to prevent ‘slump’ and cures to a semi-rigid finish, which is ideal to help prevent stresses in components and the bonding of materials in a dynamic environment. PX774D-1 is ideal for bonding rubbers to metal.

Key Benefits:

Excellent adhesion to a variety of metals

Excellent rubber and plastic adhesive


High impact resistance

Base: Epoxy Curing Two-part Chemical cure

Viscosity: Thixotrophic

Pot Life: (in mixer nozzle at 23 C) 20 mins

Light Handling strength: (1MPa) @ 23 C 8 hours



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