Power Adhesives OVERTEC 820-15

Overtec 820.15 is specialist 15mm (⅝”) glue gun that runs at a higher temperature than normal, with adjustable temperature control.

By adjusting the temperature, the operator can control the flow and shrinkage around the component. Robust and easy to use, this glue gun has fast recovery, medium output, 2 minute warm-up time and an illuminated on/off switch.

Mainly used for the overtec® system is a low-pressure moulding process that uses thermoplastic moulding resin to achieve high quality sealing and protection of components, faster than 2 component potting resins and far lower capital cost than injection moulding.

A process innovation positioned between casting/potting and high pressure, high volume injection moulding, the overtec® system uses a low injection pressure which allows for low cost tooling and prevents damage to fragile components.

The overtec 5 FR resin sticks simply need to be loaded into the overtec 820-15 glue gun and allowed to reach operating temperature before use, resulting in a simple and clean process with fast cycle times.

Key Features:

Higher temperature hot melt gun

The tec 820-15 has a fast heat up time of only 2 minutes from cold, so is ready for use almost immediately.


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