Polychem Dipur 503 Lamination Adheisve

DiPUR 503 is a Two-Component Solventless Polyurethane Adhesive. It is designed for manual gluing of foamed polystyrene, XPS, PUR foam, mineral and glass wool, board with metal plates, facings made of plastics, building paper, concrete slabs, wood and other materials.
The adhesive is most useful for gluing on vertical surfaces. Ready for use adhesive is strongly hydrophobic and can be applied even in hard conditions.

The adhesive mixed volume should be applied on joined elements during no more, than 30 – 40 minutes after the components mixing. Elements with the adhesive spread should be pressed to each other not later, than 2 h after the components mixing and kept under press until the joint will set. The adhesive consumption should be about 200 g/m2, and about 300 g/m2 in the case of absorptive materials.
The time for full strength of the joint reach is 24 h.

Base Polyurethane

Viscosity Roller Applied

Packaging 30 lt.



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