Pizzi 9012

Pizzi Pressurised Glue pot suitable for applying PVA glue economically and efficiently with minimal wastage. A wide variety of attachments are available for more efficient application.

Holds up to 12kg and is supplied complete with 0001 universal nozzle Pizzi adhesive other applicators are available to give a simple economic method for PVA glue application.

The glue is available on-demand and by regulating tank pressure, The amount of glue can be applied accurately and in the correct area. The system works by compressed air pressurising the vessel – this then forces the adhesive out through the regulated nozzle and fitting. The unit comes complete with a container for holding a water bath to stop the glue going off in the gun.

Key Features:

12 kg capacity

Stainless steel body for extra chemical resistance

Fast and mess-free application of PVA adhesive

Different nozzles are available for different applications.

Max Pressure: 5 bar/75 PSI



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