Pizzi 1094

Pizzi 1094 is a ready to go pressure pot, hose and spray gun for the application of water-based and solvent based sprayable adhesives.

The pressure pot and cover are manufactured from solvent resistant stainless steel with 4 CE standard fasteners, it also consists of a pressure regulator, a 4 meter flexible solvent resistant reinforced double hose in polyurethane and nylon and a spray gun with three different types of adjustment – air flow-product quantity-spread of spray fan.

This system is suitable for applying solvent based and water based adhesives to laminates, veneers, metal, rubber, plastics and various foams.

Key Features:

12 kg capacity

Advantages quick and practical way to apply adhesives.

Suitable for water based and solvent based adhesives

Hose – 4 meters

Available with different nozzle sizes depending on adhesive viscosity.

Suggested Nozzle sizes

1.3 mm up to 500 mPas

1.5 mm up to 1,000 mPas

1.8 mm up to 5,000 mPas

2.5 mm up to 10,000 mPas

3.5 mm up to 15,000 mPas



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