Pafra Aquapal 9254

AquaPAL® 9254 Premium Laminating Adhesive

AquaPAL® 9254 is a laminating adhesive, for use on all types of laminators, which combines the best properties of a high quality good lay-flat laminating product with the cost-effectiveness of a standard product. The unusual slow drying properties allows the board to equalise before fibre tear development, reducing curl to a minimum. The high solids content reduces the level of moisture added to board during laminating which further improves lay flat and minimises blistering. AquaPAL® 9254 is cost effective in use as it is possible to apply low and even coat weights.

Key features:

Excellent lay-flat

Low even coat weight

Easy clean

Deep Fibre Tear

Suitable for a wide range of substrates

Good mileage

Viscosity: 10.0-12.0 Poise @ 50.7 sec

Base: Poly Vinyl Acetate (PVA)

Packaging: 25 Kg Drum


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