Jowatherm-Reaktant 639.10

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 639.10 is a Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt (PUR) which impresses with excellent bonding results on all established materials, especially on materials which are difficult to bond, such as latex, viscose or gel foam.

The PUR hot melt adhesive facilitates superior bonds and ensures long-term resistance. The bondline is permanently soft and meets highest expectations for quality and comfort.
Requirements regarding harmful substances according to IKEA, Oeko-Tex100, LGA, TÜV and Blue Angel are met. In general, the adhesive can be applied on one or both surfaces, by roller or spraying. For an even better bonding result, the application amount may be reduced significantly during two-sided application where allowed by the process and mattress construction.

Key features:

100 % solids content, no water used during bonding, immediate packaging possible.

Inline roll-packing of the mattress without long drying times, depending on mattress structure.

Less storage and production area necessary.

Reduced costs due to higher yield possible.

Storage and transport stable adhesive.

Foam layers may be repositioned.

Short pressing time.

High initial strength – easy handling of the mattress.

Very high heat resistance and compound strength due to chemical cross-linking.

Processing temperature: [°C]: 110 – 130

Appearance: Opaque;

Density at 20 °C [g/cm³]: 1.10 ± 0.05 (Jowat test method)

Softening point [°C]: 60 ± 4 (Ring and Ball)

Open time [min]:  3 ± 1 (Jowat test method)

Reaction time [d]:  1 – 3 (dep. on ambient conditions)

Viscosity at 120 °C [mPas]: 14,000 ± 3,000 (Brookfield, RV, spindle 28, 20 rpm).

Base PUR Hotmelt Adhesive

Packaging Moisture-proof sealed containers, in slug format

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