Jowatherm-Reaktant 630.20

Jowatherm-Reaktant® PUR hot melt 630.20 is typically used for laminating textiles to textiles and textile to foam.
It is a Laminating adhesive with high initial strength and displays good performance on roller applicators. It also contains a UV marker offering fantastic end of product inspeciton.  It also offers high heat resistance and good flexibility at low temperatures, good resistance to steam and solvents, good resistance to plasticizers and also a soft textile feel.  Processing is completed with special equipment from moisture-proof sealed containers.

Cleaning can be easily obtained from roller applicator units using Jowat® Flushing Agent 930.22.  For other applicator systems and for melt units, we recommend to use the Jowat® Flushing Agent 930.74 (red).

Key features:

100 % solids content, no water used during bonding, immediate packaging possible.

High initial strength – easy handling of the mattress.

Very high heat resistance and compound strength due to chemical crosslinking.

Base: PUR Hotmelt Adhesive

Packaging:  Moisture-proof sealed containers, in slug format  in a range of package sizes from 2 Kg to 190 Kgs.

Viscosity: 8,000 mPas at 110 °C.




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