Jowatherm-Reaktant 609.94

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 609.94 is a Monomer-reduced PUR hot melt.  Since 2012, products with an isocyanate content of 0.1 % or higher must be labelled with the GHS pictogram no. 8 (health hazard) and the relevant safety information (H and S statements). Adhesives with an MDI content of less than 0.1 % are not subject to that labelling requirement.
Jowatherm Reaktant® 609.94 falls below that thresh-hold and can therefore be used for bonding all usual materials, especially those that are difficult to bond.

PUR hot melt adhesives facilitate superior bonds and long-term resistances. The bondlines are permanently soft and satisfy highest expectations for quality and comfort.
Requirements according to IKEA, Oeko-Tex100, LGA and Blue Angel are met. In general, the adhesive can be applied on one or both surfaces, by roller or by spraying.

The high initial strength makes it easier to handle the mattress after joining and pressing and facilitates a smooth subsequent inline wrapping and packaging process. This can lower costs, substantially reduce buffer storages, and minimise in-house logistics. Coupled with a higher process reliability, these benefits are decisive factors for the use of PUR hot melt adhesives in foam mattress assembly.

Key features:

Reduced Monomer content.

Reduced costs due to higher adhesive yield.
High initial strength – easy handling of the mattresses.

Facilitates the correction and repositioning of the foam layers.

Short pressing time.

100 % solids content.

No introduction of water into the mattress, immediate packaging.

Shorter storage times before roll packaging.

Safe storage and transport.

Base: PUR Hotmelt Adhesive

Softening Point:  + 70 C

Packaging:  Moisture-proof sealed containers, in slug format in a range of package sizes from 2 Kg to 180 Kgs.

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