Jowat Toptherm 256.10

Jowat 256.10 is a Polyeolefin hot melt adhesive used for closing of cartons, trays and folding boxes.
It is perfectly suited to processing on fully and semi-automatic units with horizontal and vertical nozzle application systems.
It features low viscosity and offers good resistance to oxidation and colour stability in the melt.

Key features:

Polyolefin packaging adhesive

Very good adhesion

High heat resistance

High flexibility of the bond at low temperatures

Very good adhesive cut off

Suitable for food contact applications

For processing with classic tank applicators or tankless systems

Base: Polyeolefin Hotmelt Adhesive

Viscosity: 1,700 mPas @ 160 C

Softening Point:  + 110 C

Open time at 160 C:  10 seconds

Setting time at 160 C:  7 seconds

Packaging:  25 kg bags


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