Jowat 608.90/91 Low Monomer PUR Edgebanding adhesive

Jowatherm Reaktant 608.90/91 is a low monomer PUR Edgebanding adhesive ( PUR MR) . This product is not subject to the labelling requirements under the General Classification Guidelines for Preperations ( EC) and is safer for the operator and the enviroment.

It is suitable for the bonding of thermoplastic edgebands (e.g. PVC, ABS, PP, PMMA) with a suitable primer coating on the reverse side, as well as edgebands made from resinated decor paper and veneer

It is fast setting and has high initial strength.

Processing temperature [°C]: approx. 120 – 140 (depending on application)

Open time at 120 °C [s]: approx. 8 ± 3

Density [g/cm³] : approx. 1.1

Viscosity at 140 °C [mPas] : approx. 60,o00 ± 20,000


608.90 is Clear Colour

608.91 is White Colour

Key features:

Unfilled clear adhesive

PUR hotmelt

Low Monomer product with no risk phrases on the labeling

Base: PUR Hotmelt Adhesive

Processing Temperature:  + 120 to 140 C

Packaging: 2.0 kg slugs

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