Jowat 602.37

Jowat 602.37 is a PUR Reactive hot melt with short crystallisation time for sealing operations, for instance of kitchen worktops to improve the moisture resistance of the worktop.

After crosslinking, it offers good heat resistance as well as good resistance to steam or solvents.

Processing temperature [°C]: 130 – 150 (depending on application)

Appearance: light beige, UV-stabilised

Density at 23 °C [g/cm³]: approx. 1.1 ± 0.1 (Jowat test method)

Softening range [°C]: approx. 110 ± 10 (Kofler bench)

Open time at 140 °C [s]: approx. 3 ± 2 (Jowat test method)

Reaction time [d]: approx. 3 – 6 (dep. on ambient conditions)

Viscosity at 140 °C [mPas]: 24500 ± 7500

Packaging: Moisture-proof sealed containers, in 2Kg slug format.

If necessary, flush out hot melt remnants from the melt and applicator units with Jowat® Flushing Agent 930.74 (red).




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