Jowat 280.50/51 – Premium EVA Edgebanding Adhesive

Jowatherm 280.50/51 is a universal light-filled EVA hotmelt adhesive with good adhesion properties in combination with ABS, PP, PVC, resinated paper and veneer edgings. Ideally suited for straight edgebanding, it creates a clean, thin joint. It has a long open time and high hot tack. It has become an established all-rounder on the market. The adhesive is renowned for good-natural processing characteristics and excellent bond strength. The white color version Jowatherm® 280.51 is especially suitable for bonding white edge bands on white decor materials, providing an “optical zero-bondline”.

Processing temperature: 180 – 200 °C;
Feeding speed: > 10 m/min;
Heat resistance: ≈ 85 °C;
Approx. usage: 190 g/m²;
Package Size: 25Kgs Bag;
Colour: 280.50 – Natural and 280.51 for White

Key features:

Premium quality EVA hotmelt

Very lightly filled

Base: EVA Hotmelt Adhesive

Viscosity: 85000 ± 13000 mPas @ 200C

Softening Point:  + 85 C

Open Time 12 ± 2 sec at 190 °C

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