Jowat 236.50

Jowat 236.50 is a Polyolefin (PO) based Hotmelt for wrapping profiles made of solid wood, particleboard and MDF with resinated paper foils and thermoplastic foils.
It exhibits high heat resistance; outstanding resistance to oxidation and colour stability in the melt.
Can be processed on automatic units with wide slot nozzle and roller.
Processing temperature [°C]: 180 – 200
Feed speed [m/min]: 15 – 80
Appearance: Colourless
Density at 20 °C [g/cm³]: approx. 0.87 ± 0.02
Softening range [°C]: approx. 110 ± 5
Open time at 190 °C* [s]: approx. 15 ± 2 (* Measured on a 120 µm film.)

Viscosity at 200 °C [mPas]: 8,000 ± 2,000 (Brookfield, Thermosel, spindle 27, 20 rpm)

Preliminary mechanical cleaning while hot (e.g. with a spatula). Remove any residues in the application environment when cold using Jowat® Cleaner 402.40.

Key features

High hot tack,

Good adhesion,

Good heat resistance;

Colour stability in the melt.


Base PO Hotmelt Adhesive

Processing Temperature  + 180 to 200 C

Packaging 25 kg bags.



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