Jowat 107.20 D4 PVA

Jowat 107.20 is a one component D4 PVAc Glue with high heat resistance (WATT ’91), suitable for all bonds requiring increased resistance to wet environments, e.g. for doors, windows and furniture in high-humidity areas. General-purpose glue for soft and hardwood bonding, as well as for particle board and other wood-based substrates.
If used according to instructions, Jowacoll® 107.20 will meet the requirements according to durability class D4 according to the standard EN 204/205, and the EN 14257 (Watt ’91) > 7.0 N/mm². Meets the FFF-FKS-EMPA guideline 08.03/2013 (Switzerland).

Minimum pressing time [min]:
at RT: approx. 20
at 50 °C: approx. 3
at 90 °C: approx. 1

Base: Pva

Viscosity: 5,000 ± 2,000  mPas

Packaging: 25 Kg Drum and 1,100 Kg IBC



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