Huntsmann epibond 8000 FR

Epibond® 8000 FR A/B is an extrudable two-component epoxy structural adhesive designed for applications requiring FST properties or flame retardancy (FAR 25.853). This adhesive is suitable for bonding a wide variety of composite materials, metal and other dissimilar substrates. Epibond® 8000 FR A/B does not contain any halogenated nor antimony-based flame retardants additives. This adhesive has a convenient mix ratio, moderate work life, and is easily dispensed from cartridges or metering equipment.

Key features:

FST properties

High shear and peel strength
Service temperature up to 180°F (82°C)
Very-low halogen content
Curable from ambient to elevated temperatures
Gap-filling thixotropic paste
No SVHC as defined under REACH*

Base: Epoxy

Curing: 2 Part Chemical Cure

Viscosity: Thixotropic Paste

Gel Time: 65 to 70 mins @ 25 C




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