Fisnar PosiPump™ I-Series Progressive cavity valve

The PosiPump™ I-Series Progressive cavity valve offers true volumetric dispensing allowing the user to achieve exceptional levels of repeatability.
The proven endless piston design principle ensures a constant volume is always dispensed, regardless of any changes in fluid viscosity, thixotropy or fluid inlet pressure.  Bi-rotational control ensures a drip free dispense cycle thanks to an infinitely adjustable suck-back feature.

Key Features:

Dispense volume as small as 0.008ml

Constant volumetric & pressure-stable dispense system

Dispense volume is not affected by changes in fluid viscosity or feed pressure

FKM or FFKM Stator Material

Long service life

Compatible with industry standard mixing nozzles

No dripping/drooling after dispense cycle

Suitable for both low & high viscosity fluids

Pressurisation of fluid feed system is not necessary for self-levelling low viscosity fluids

Prevents damage to fillers in filled fluid materials

High level of process control



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