Apollo Roofbond A3984

Apollo RoofBond (A3984) has been specifically developed to improve the adhesion of self-adhered vapour control layers (VCLs) to roof decks. It can also be used to prime EPDM roof membranes (prior to bonding with solvent-based contact adhesive), and can be used as a contact adhesive for bonding EPDM roof membranes. RoofBond (A3984) is a solvent-based synthetic-rubber bonding agent that offers the roofing manufacturer and contractor many benefits.

Key Features:

Strong initial tack and permanent bond


Good plasticiser migration resistance

Approved by most major manufacturers

Approved for practically all vinyl (PVC) floor coverings

Base: Synthetic-rubber adhesive

Viscosity: Trowel applied

Packaging: 1 Litre and 5 litre tins


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