Apollo A9956 Two Component Panel Lamination Adhesive

Apollo (A9956) is a two-component adhesive consisting of a cream-coloured paste base and a dark brown fluid curing agent.

When mixed, Apollo (A9956) cures to form a hard, tough, resilient bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat. Apollo (A9956) can be used for bonding metals, plastics, felt and building surfaces such as concrete, asbestos board etc.

The open time / press time can be reduced by using an alternative Component B to the standard 9354B,  such as 1386B.

Mix Component A & Component B at the ratio 100:22 (A:B), by weight.

Once mixed, the adhesive has a pot-life of about 20 – 30 minutes and has cured sufficiently for most purposes in thin film in 4-6 hours (at 20°C).

The mixed product may be applied with a knife, notched trowel, spatula, roller coater or bead machine.

Once the adhesive has been applied to one surface, the components should be held in intimate contact within the open time, until cure has occurred. This would normally employ a vacuum table or hydraulic press.


Base: Polyurethane

Curing: Two Pat Chemical Cure

Viscosity: Roller Applied

Packaging: 20 lt , 205 lt drums and 1000 kg IBC.



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